Courses in English at the Academy Fotografika

The Academy of Documentary and Art Photography FOTOGRAFIKA is one of the leading educational institutions in the field of contemporary photography in Russia, offering students long-term online programs and allowing them to gain versatile and multidirectional knowledge in the field of contemporary photography and find their own visual language.


Each program of the Academy is a synthesis of theoretical and practical courses, seminars and lectures The programs are designed in such a way that during the learning process, students have the opportunity to try themselves in different areas of photography and work with it: photojournalism, documentary, art photography, making photo stories and writing texts, creating multimedia and planning exhibitions, working with photo books. The projects of our students participate in exhibitions, festivals, win competitions and are published in media all over the world.


The Academy also organizes short courses, lectures and master classes with leading Russian-speaking and foreign photographers.


Very soon, the Academy of documentary and art photography Fotografika will offer programs, courses, lectures and master classes in English. To find out about the launch of English-language courses please leave your email using the form below and we will inform you when we launch programs in English.