Себастьян Листер

Себастиан Листер

1997-Present Freelance Photographer (Documentary, Family Portraiture, Nurseries, Weddings, Bar/Batmizvahs, PR and Marketing). Organisations worked for: Creative Camera (Nurseries), Pret-a-portrait (Family Portraits), Dostoevsky Photography Society (Documentary)

2008-15 Theatre Director/Drama Teacher– I Have A Voice Too! Creating Freedom, Splats Entertainment – Theatre in Education (Wind in the Willows, Treasure Island, Katie’s Picture Show by James Mayhew). Role includes teaching/mentoring vulnerable children in the transition from Primary to Secondary School, and adults with learning difficulties.

2013-14 Writer, Director and Producer – Hinterland (Short Film) – Quadrivium Productions.

2009 Assistant Director & Photographer – Creating Freedom: Theatre in Prison– Territory Theatre Festival, Perm, Russia. (As one of the first foreigners allowed into prison I directed prisoners in rehearsal and led a Photography and Art History workshop).